Women in Vision UK supports and promotes women in all areas of ophthalmology, and vision sciences

The Women in Vision UK (WVUK) network fosters new collaborations, establishes mentoring connections, and raises the profile of women working in vision across the UK. We campaign for gender equality across the UK.

"Women and girls in academia need to be taken seriously and offered the same opportunities as men. We can only do this if we overcome unconscious bias. This can be done by highlighting where this exists and taking steps to change it."

Professor Shahina Pardhan

Director of Vision and Eye Research Institute, Anglia Ruskin University

"Equality in science means that everyone is rewarded for what they do, feel valued and respected, and have their voices heard."

Doctor Danuta Sampson

Biomedical Scientist, University of Surrey

"I was captivated by the fact that each line represented the path of something so small that it could never be seen by the human eye, yet here were scientist measuring and calculating the size of these particles, the velocity and electric charge. It made an enormous impression on me that my mum was contributing to such an amazing experiment."

Professor Marcela Votruba

Professor in Ophthalmology, Cardiff University

"Equality in science means closing the pay gap, providing equal opportunities for promotion, not being asked to make tea and coffee during meetings just because you are a woman, no glass ceiling!"

Professor Tunde Peto

Professor, Queen's University Belfast

Our Network

The Women in Vision UK network brings together women in all fields of vision at different levels of experience from students upwards. We have over 350 members made up of lab-based scientists, nurses, journalists, optometrists, clinical researchers, eye-charity workers, ophthalmologists, administrators and others who work in the vision sector.

Benefits of joining the network include:

  • News and updates
  • Invitations to attend meetings and events
  • Discounted meeting fees and sign-up costs
  • Access to our network of experienced Women in Vision
  • Access to speakers and mentors
  • Support with grants
  • Mentoring

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Focus Areas

We have five priority focus areas. Each of these areas has a lead and team behind it who work to our overall strategy, as well as their own. For more information on our focus areas, click here.

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