Mission Statement

To empower every single woman to become a leader in her chosen field. To expand our leadership skills, mindset and support network. By means of transformative and innovative tools and techniques- to equip, inspire and give confidence to all members of Women in Vision UK to be more impactful and to achieve the career level she desires.

Professor Shahina Pardhan aims to use her experience becoming the first female professor of optometry in the United Kingdom to empower other women to reach their goals

Leadership Mission Lead: Professor Shahina Pardhan

Professor Shahina Pardhan was appointed as the first female professor of optometry in the UK in 2001. She leads the Vison and Eye Research Institute within the School of Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University, leading a multinational and multidisciplinary team of researchers in clinical and public health research. She has published over 150 research papers and has won grants including the EU, NIHR, NHS, College of Optometrists, and national and international Charities.

Shahina is a recipient of the First Ismaili Award for Excellence - Postgraduate category, Asian Women of Achievement Award - Profession’s category, Asian Jewel Award - Health Care and Education category, Vice Chancellor’s award for Outstanding Scholar, Dean’s award and the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Research Impact.

You can listen more from Shahina on an invited podcast: Blazing the Trail for Women in Vision Science by the College of Optometrists.

Useful Leadership Resources

Linkedin Learning have a one month free trial which includes access to a variety of leadership courses.

FutureLearn has a range of free leadership courses – they do offer extra benefits which you have to pay for, but access to the short courses is free:

edX have a variety of free courses with optional extra benefits you pay for: