Mission Statement

Regardless of race, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, religion, age or any other unique characteristic, we embrace and encourage diverse thought, opinion and innovation within our safe space recognising that we can empower and support our members to achieve their full potential without fear.

Diversity Lead: Evelyn Mensah

Evelyn (Evie) Mensah is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Central Middlesex Hospital, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust where she is the Clinical Lead for Ophthalmology. Evie is also Co-Lead for the North West London Ophthalmology Clinical Reference Group.

Evie obtained her medical degree from Imperial College and her ophthalmology training was at Moorfields where she was also the Senior Surgical Resident for the Medical Retina Service. Her expertise includes the management of medical retinal disease and complex cataract surgery in patients with medical retina co-morbidity. She is educational supervisor to specialist ophthalmology trainees in her unit and she has trained and accredited a multi-professional workforce (Nurse Practitioners, Optometrists and Orthoptists) to take on extended roles managing long term medical retina conditions

Evie is involved in charity work in West Africa and has developed an innovative diabetic retinopathy management course for West African Ophthalmologists that is underpinned by input from educators at University College London (UCL) and the West African College of Surgeons. She also runs an innovative Laser simulation course for London Ophthalmology trainees supported by Health Education England.

Evie loathes prejudice, discrimination and injustice. She has acted as an advocate throughout her life and has always wanted to effect change. She has been chosen by her Trust to participate in the London Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) programme, designed to improve the experiences of ethnic minority staff in the NHS to more equitable levels. This in turn would contribute to improved health outcomes for patients in addition to significant and sustainable transformational change for the whole NHS workforce. The London WRES ten-year strategy was launched in October 2020.

Evie is delighted to be the diversity lead for Women in Vision UK.